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Kasia Idźkowska about the Art of NFT

Galeria Awers-Art - Kasia Idźkowska

Kasia Idźkowska is a graduate and currently lectures at the renowned Warsaw Academy of Photography, and also holds a master's degree in economics. After years of a corporate career, she decided to focus on photography. She left for New York, where she blended in with the artistic world. She collaborated with the largest music labels and publishers, including Warner Music, Agora Music, HighNote Record. In her work, she pays special attention to the New York jazz scene - her photos present the backstage of the concerts, how also nostalgic portraits of famous jazz artists. It was the long-term That’s Jazz Babe project that brought her the greatest recognition and numerous awards, including victory in the Grand Prix World Jazz Photo competition in 2020. The project has been exhibited in many galleries in Poland and abroad. The artist supports the formation of the NFT art trend in Poland, as one of the lecturers at the Warsaw School of Photography, she openly promotes activities related to the creation of tokens - NFT photographs by Kasia Idźkowska can be purchased via Awers-Art .

You are one of the few Polish artists who openly promote art in the form of NFT, what influenced your decision? What is your opinion on the development of tokenization in our country?

It is worth being a pioneer in every field. The NFT market is booming in the West. More and more people looking for alternative investments are interested in this technology. We adopt some things late. Soon many artists will be interested in the topic of cryptocurrencies in Poland. I believe that anyone can learn the topic on their own NFT. I have worked in a bank for many years, so I acquire economic knowledge much faster. I like to learn new things. I am open to any challenges, I am interested in new technologies

Do you think that tokenization has a chance for art in Poland to become permanent? Do you think Mrs. that this is a trend that will pass?

NFT is the art of the 21st century. These are graphic works saved in digital form. You can exhibit paintings, photography, and musical works; everything that is hidden under the word art. The potential of NFT depends on human creativity and has unlimited resources. That is why it is worth going with the times and getting carried away by a specific NFT mania. I think that this trend will last for a very long time, mainly due to the sales records of digital works and the very strong development of this ecosystem.

Galeria Awers-Art - Isaiah Rihardson
Isaiah Rihardson Jr, fot. K.Idźkowska

What are your guidelines when choosing photos from which you can create an NFT?

The choice of photography was obvious, for years I have been working on a project that has aroused emotions until now. The project “ That’s NYC jazz, Babe ” is timeless. The captured frames take us to another dimension. Colloquial photography is flooding internet , it is worthwhile to extract a good photograph and separate it. This division is very important for us to have a sense of aesthetics

Galeria Awers-Art - Rusell Hall
Russell Hall, fot. K.Idźkowska
Galeria Awers-Art - Strickland in Dizzys Club Coca-Cola
Strickland in Dizzys Club Coca-Cola, fot. K.Idźkowska

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