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NFT Art - World events

Sztuka NFT - © Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, materiały prasowe, dzięki uprzejmości Art Basel
© Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, press release, courtesy of Art Basel

Tokenization of works of art is one of the hottest topics of recent months - although in Poland it is a topic that is just breaking through the strands of controversy, in the world NFT art has been confirming its value for a long time thanks to other institutions interested in its potential and possibilities offered by both real as well as digital creativity. In a short time, numerous events took place in various parts of the globe, the star of which was the art of NFT - it is worth knowing about them.

In December 2021, an interactive exhibition consisting of NFT was presented at the Art Basel art fair in Miami Beach. The exhibition, co-created with the participation of the Tezos platform, was entitled "Humans + Machines: NFTs and the Ever-Evolving World of Art" . Helena Sarin or Stuart Campbell. Fair participants could also take part in discussion panels devoted to topics related to the future of NFT art and the potential of technology. The attraction accompanying the event was the possibility for each participant to create a portrait using artificial intelligence - a portrait in the form of NFT everyone could take home. Another significant event was the opening in Seattle of the world's first NFT museum . The opening took place in January this year, the authors of the project are Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton - you can enter the museum like any other institution, buy a ticket, and then watch the available digital art collections on the screens - the originators argue this form of presentation with the increased attractiveness of the art exhibited in traditional way - similar to, for example, pictures. More information at this address.

© Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, press release, courtesy of Art Basel

NFT Art in the world's largest museum

Another landmark event in the world of culture is the NFT art exhibition at the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg - the largest museum in the world. The exhibition can be viewed for free, but it is not real - if you want to have access to it, you need to put on virtual reality goggles or use devices such as a smartphone or computer. Last year, the same museum already sold significant works in the form of NFT - tokens of works by painters such as da Vinci, Monet and van Gogh were sold. The sold works were signed electronically by the director of the museum, Michail Piotrovsky. More information on the Hermitage's activities in this area can be found at this address.

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