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Laura Pawela

Laura Pawela, fot. Maciej Zienkiewicz - Awers-Art

Laura Pawela

Born in 1977, a visual artist associated with Upper Silesia and Warsaw. She graduated from sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, where in 2006 she ran the Guest Studio. She also studied at the Art Institute in Opole and the University of Warsaw. She made her debut in 2002 with the project Reallaura, which, using mobile telephony, jokingly commented on the changes taking place in the information society. Pawela deals with installations, video-art, creates objects, sculptures and photographs.

Laura Pawela constantly questions constituted concepts. Each time it presents a new perspective, a different view. Regardless of whether it touches the subject of art, society, death or life, it is always extremely stimulating, inspiring, immediately entering into a dialogue and even a conflict with the recipient. The condition of a person excluded from society seems to be the source of her art, but it is not a criticism of any system, but a manifesto of a loner, an affirmation of being a misfit and the strength that can be derived from such a position. are overlooked by contemporary art.

Laura Pawela, fot. Maciej Zienkiewicz - Awers-Art

Selected individual exhibitions


  • “PSIAKOŚĆ”, Lele Art Space, Warszawa, PL


  • “Fake films and a few frames more”, IMT London, UK


  • “Nie będzie dziury w niebie, jeżeli nawet pójdziesz tyłem”, Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, PL
  • “Sweet Heart now grown so cold”, IMT Gallery, London, UK


  • (in the church) WITHOUT MAGIC, Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Opole, PL
  • “Past Present Continuous”, Appendix2, Warszawa, PL


  • “Presentation/Works”, Stefanikova31 / Instytut Polski,Bratislava, Slovakia
  • “Wystawa/Exhibition”, Galeria Appendix2, Warszawa, PL
  • “It hurts me too”, BWA Wrocław, PL


  • “Unfinished Histories”, Residencia Corazón, La Plata, Argentyna


  • “Last Exit for the Lost”, Galeria lokal_30, Warszawa, PL
  • “Your Artist”, IMT Gallery, Londyn, UK


  • “Ty i Ja i wszyscy, których znamy”, Galeria BWA Zielona Góra, PL
  • “Ubezpieczenie Talentu”, Galeria Entropia, Wrocław, PL


  • “Łazienka”, pracownia Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines, Strasbourg, Francja
  • “Budżet 500″, Galeria Arsenał, Białystok, PL
  • “Faster”, Galeria Ego, Poznań, PL


  • “Reality_LP”, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa, PL


  • “Loading…”, Galeria Arsenał, Poznań, PL
  • “Can’t go to real world” , Galeria Entropia , Wrocław, PL
  • “Reallaura”, Galeria Piwnice BWA, Wrocław, PL


  • “Reallaura”, projekt internetowy

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Kasia Idźkowska

Galeria Awers-Art - Kasia Idźkowska

Katarzyna Idźkowska

Kasia Idźkowska graduated from the Warsaw School of Photography and Design Graphics. She quit her job in a corporation to pursue a passion for photography. She moved to New York, where she began her career as a photographer working on the project "That's jazz, Babe", which won prizes and international exhibitions. She won many international competitions, winner of the Grand Prix World Jazz Photo in 2020. She has worked for international publishers and record labels: Warner Music, Agora Music, JazzBoy, HighNote Record. Her photos have been published all over the world, including New York Times, Down Beat NY, Euro Jazz, edited for the Jazz Press newspaper. He has many photographic exhibitions to his credit. The traveler, visited most European countries, traveled alone in Central America, Mexico and distant Asia. The unique light and emotions presented in her photos define her unique style which she has crystallized over the years. I am particularly interested in portrait and documentary photography.


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Małgorzata Oleszkiewicz

Galeria Awers-Art - Małgorzata Oleszkiewicz

Małgorzata Oleszkiewicz

Born in Gdańsk, she creates a mix of visual media based on her own graphics, photography, illustrations, paintings, architecture projects. He does a kind of visual and emotional performance. The need to experiment, search, interdisciplinarity, image, word, sound constitute an integrated tool for creating a narrative, mood, conscious coding and conversation with the recipient. She studied Interior Architecture (SANS, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk), Scenography, Graphics in the studio of prof. Jacek Staniszewski also associated with the Faculty of Painting - the Studio of prof. Model brand.
For several months now, he has been creating a series of works, combining his previous creative experiences, blurring the boundaries between painting and photography. The combination of painterly sensitivity with digital technology. Works - suspended between worlds, but the closest them to abstract photography, post-photography, fragments of non-reality.
She lives in Gdańsk.

Exhibitions and information about the artist


  • REMIS 23rd photo biennial in photographic techniques and digital image processing, 2021, Poland, Ostrów Wlkp.
  • Przygodzickie Biennale Sztuki "Retrospektywa", 2021, Polska, Antonin
  • ART'EM ALL! A great review of the works of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk at the Plenum, 2021, Poland, Gdańsk
  • SMACH land art, concept design, 2021, Italy
  • Exhibition "Wystaw się", Center for Contemporary Art Toruń, 2021, Poland, Toruń
  • Light-sensitivity, Pinata Foundation, 2020, Poland, Toruń
  • 3rd edition of the International Graphic Biennale in Skopje, Association of Artist of Macedonia, 2020, Macedonia, Skopje
  • Pandemic. Art in the Time of the Plague, Pinata Foundation, 2020, Poland, Toruń
  • Constellations. Beyond the horizon II, ZPAP Toruń District, 2020, Poland, Toruń (1st Award of the Mayor of Toruń)
  • Current Affairs, Armory Sztuki, 2020, Poland, Gdańsk
  • Constellations. Beyond the Horizon, ZPAP Toruń District, 2019, Poland, Toruń
  • ProjektjeMY, Armory Sztuki, 2019, Poland, Gdańsk
  • Young Polish Stage Design, Prague Quadrennial: PQ, June 6-16, 2019, Czech Republic, Prague
  • Women's Rights, 2019, Poland, Sopot
  • Artistic Summer School, Patio ASP, 2018, Poland, Gdańsk
  • Antalis Design, 2017, Poland, Warsaw
  • Body Trunk, concept design, Łaźnia Nowa Theater, 2017, Poland, Kraków

- Współpraca z Alternatywną Pracownią Kultury, ilustracje do artystycznego miesięcznika Dom Wariatów - 2018-nadal
- Współpraca z Wydawnictwem Academicon, ilustracje do magazynu Filozofuj, 2020
- Publikacja surrealistycznych tekstów na Portalu Literackim (pod pseudonimem)
- Współpraca przy realizacji muralu PKM Strzyża, Gdańsk, 2019
- Organizacja akcji Czysta Górka wraz z opracowaniem oprawy graficznej w ramach projektu Gdański Fundusz Sąsiedzki, Biskupia Górka, Gdańsk, 2019
- Obrazy w kolekcji Museum of Contemporary Art ARTPLU w Chinach, 2020-nadal
- Stypendium Kulturalne Miasta Gdańska, projekt interdyscyplinarny „NORWID Wizualnie 200 lat później”, Gdańsk, 2021.


Gaspard de la nuit - a work inspired by Ravel's musical masterpiece and a prose poem by the French poet Aloysius Bertrand, full of inexplicable phenomena bordering on dream and reality, "Rembrandt and Callot-style fantasies" (as Gaspard's subtitle says).

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Mirela Bukała

Galeria Awers-Art - Mirela Bukała

Mirela Bukała

Mirela Bukała was born in 1992 in Ozimek. She defended her master's degree at the Art Institute of the University of Opole in 2016 in the painting studio. The themes of the device in creativity refer to interpersonal relations, problems of earthly life and anxieties concerning society and individuals. He is the winner of the Achim Gabor scholarship for the best student of the Art Institute in Opole, the second in the national competition for illustrations to the text of Jeremy Przybora's magazine, and a place in competitions in places, and the 22nd transition to the "Plastik" Satyczny Pora Drawing competition. She took part in many Polish exhibitions (including "Promotions 2016" in Legnica, "Themersonów Street" in Płock, "Inspirations with the work of Zdzisław Beksiński" in Częstochowa, "Cztery Pory Karykatury" in Warsaw) and international (m. among others "On the Road" and "World Humor Award" in Italy and "Lipstick, Pencil and PMS" in Brazil). In 2015, a facility at the international creative workshops in Trier and the artistic residence "Art Ladies Project" in Berlin.


- NFT artist's works available for sale - contact biuro@awers-art.pl