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Małgorzata Oleszkiewicz about NFT Art

M. Oleszkiewicz, Galeria Awers-Art - Gaspard de la nuit x1
M. Oleszkiewicz, Gaspard de la nuit x1, digital media mix

Małgorzata Oleszkiewicz comes from Gdańsk, she creates a mix of visual media based on her own graphics, photography, illustrations, paintings, and architecture projects. He does a kind of visual and emotional performance. The need to experiment, search, interdisciplinarity, image, word, sound constitute an integrated tool for creating a narrative, mood, conscious coding and conversation with the recipient. She studied Interior Architecture (SANS, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk), Scenography, Graphics in the studio of prof. Jacek Staniszewski, also associated with the Faculty of Painting - the Studio of prof. Model brand. In Awers-Art presents works from the series Gaspard de la nuit - the work is inspired by the musical masterpiece of Ravel and the prose poem of the French poet Aloysius Bertrand, full of inexplicable phenomena bordering on dream and reality, "a fantasy in the style of Rembrandt and Callot" (as the subtitle of Gaspard says).

Below, the artist answers a few questions related to the art of NFT, talks about her inspirations and projects.

What prompted you to start your adventure with art in the form of NFT?

It is a completely natural, internal need to be in motion, the need to experiment, it is not a matter of fashion, but a desire to connect, learn and create. I do not plan to close myself in any bubble, so I do not reject modern tools, I move smoothly between different worlds - interior design, exhibition, graphics, painting, photography, music - it gives endless possibilities to look at the world and show it from a different perspective. NFT is one of those possibilities.

Galeria Awers-Art - Gaspard de la nuit x15
M. Oleszkiewicz, Gaspard de la nuit x15, digital media mix

What do You think about the future of NFT as one of the fields of art?

Virtual art is an interesting phenomenon, opening up, crossing borders - it is certainly the art of our virtual contemporary and future. Virtual art galleries, virtual exhibitions, virtual paintings - this is another possibility of communing with art. Will it take the place away from traditional galleries? I don't think we still need real contacts, meetings, interpersonal relationships.

In your work, you combine numerous media based on classical techniques - do you lean especially towards one of them?

One eye inward, the other outward. One eye to the past, the other to the future.

What are Your plans for the future? Classical techniques or the art of NFT?

I do not plan the future, after many personal and recent - global experiences, it is difficult to make plans in any area of ​​life. On the one hand, it is a very difficult time, dramatic, surreal, but on the other - it is a time of intense changes, creativity, movement.

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