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1st NFT Auction at Awers-Art - Laura Pawela

Obraz NFT - Pierwsza Aukcja NFT - Pawela L., Can't go to real world, 2002
Pawela L., Can't go to real world, 2002

Tokenization of works is currently one of the most exciting topics on the art market, NFT auctions are controversial, but investors and professionals have no doubts - this is a direction worth looking at. Numerous institutions dealing with the promotion and sale of works of art confirm that they have plans to go this way. Obverse-Art was created precisely because of the necessity to look in a different direction - it is a response to the need to connect reality with the digital world. Each of the auctions is to be significant, it is to be a form of communication in itself aimed at promoting the development of this field - the selection of a work for the first NFT auction was not easy.

Why Laura Pawela? NFT image and reality

Laura Pawela is very versatile, and yet with a wide range of technical interests, she has been consistently working since the beginning of her career - her works never remain without a message. The NFT image , which was selected for the first auction in Awers-Art , is a digital version of the work that unequivocally touches on the future of man and the virtual world. Although today the widespread digitization does not surprise anyone, the artist asked these questions twenty years ago, when there was no talk of smartphones yet, and internet cafes enjoyed growing popularity.

The young generation reacts with laughter to the stories about tossing in coins to use the computer for several dozen minutes, the mere awareness that the computer at home was something unusual is surprising young people. However, from the creator's perspective at that time, access to the Internet and the possibilities offered by computers - it was something unusual, arousing both curiosity and anxiety. It is this anxiety that we see in Pawela's works from that time, real emotions transferred in a visual form to the virtual world - now this topic seems to be even more topical. NFT image Can't go to real world Pawela perfectly captures the spirit of today's times, shows the fusion of the real and digital world - it provokes reflection - all this makes it a unique work, up-to-date despite such a large leap in development compared to the time in which it was created.

Obraz NFT - Pierwsza Aukcja NFT W Awers-Art - Laura Pawela
Pawela L., Tu nie ma miejsca na sztukę, 2002

Digital art - are NFT works a step into the future?

Like everything new, NFT arouses interest but also anxiety in the audience. It is worth delving into the subject of digital art in order to dispel all doubts and consciously perceive the great potential of NFT works . The technological development so far has brought not only benefits, the concerns about it have not changed compared to those of the past - they have been simply replaced by others. Awers-Art is a place where we will be happy to dispel any doubts related to the creation of NFT works showing the great importance of digital art for the future.

Obraz NFT - Pierwsza Aukcja NFT W Awers-Art - Laura Pawela
Pawela L., Natural View, 2006

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