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1st NFT Auction at Awers-Art - Laura Pawela

Aukcje NFT - Sztuka cyfrowa - Awers-Art
NFT Auctions - Digital art - Awers-Art

The art market is undergoing a real revolution - digital works of art and NFT auctions are gaining more and more recognition all over the world, this trend has also appeared in Poland. However, before you decide to buy NFT it is worth taking a closer look at this field - once you get to know all its aspects - then it is worth following auctions and building your own collection.

NFT image - what are digital tokens?

NFT or "non-fungible token" works on the basis of "blockchain", that is, a blockchain, which is a digital record of transactions. When making a purchase, thanks to the unique form of the record, we are sure that we have acquired something unmistakable - so there is no doubt about the provenance. The unique code, as well as the certificate that the buyer receives, also guarantee that the NFT image purchased by us is one of a kind - it is not possible to have any copies in circulation.

Digital art - building the NFT collection

The power of digitization is overwhelming, the world rushes at its own pace, gives great opportunities when it comes to the development of virtual art - virtual galleries and museums are created, collectors and investors build their own collections consisting of NFT - especially now that this topic is developing in Poland, it is worth taking a closer look at the possibilities offered by the development of digital art and building a collection from scratch - in this case, the rules are exactly the same as in the case of real art - the only one the difference is that NFT paintings can only be purchased from living artists, because they are their creators - this ensures that the object purchased by the above-mentioned comes directly from the author of the actual work. It also shows the possibility of tokenization of art - buying directly from the creator is something exciting, it also gives a wide range of possibilities for the artists themselves.

NFT digital art - social and cultural aspect

Tokenization of art is of great importance for the social awareness itself - young people shaped by technological rush often reject classic forms, insisting on development - in their understanding it is virtual development. Therefore, it is also worth bringing culture and forms of art development into the virtual world, thanks to which young generations will see that it is possible to connect reality with the online world. Creating NFT images is of great importance for the future - NFT auctions allow you to purchase items based on non-counterfeit codes and being the only versions of the originals. We can therefore assume that they represent a huge potential for cultural heritage and journalism, offering opportunities for new forms of digital recording.

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