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Zdjęcia z duszą - osobowości w obiektywie Kasi Idźkowskiej cz.I

The photos presented in the Awers-Art gallery are part of the long-term That’s Jazz Babe project - the project aims to show the contribution of jazz artists to the world of music. As the artist claims, art in any form is a medium of dialogue, which is a powerful tool - you can see it clearly in her photos which tell not only about jazz, but also about the positive message connected with it. Each photo exudes a noticeable emotional charge - it is worth knowing the stories surrounding the works - below Kasia Idźkowska introduces us to the portrayed personages.

Galeria Awers-Art - Brent Birckhead - 2
Brent Birckhead portrait, fot. K.Idźkowska

Brent Birckhead

Saxophonist, award-winning artist of the young generation. Its musical aesthetics is a combination of popular styles with a tradition of deep respect for heritage. He comes from a family of Birckhead musicians, has a very good musical education. His work ethic shows a visionary approach to life. Currently, he has released his debut album BRICKHEAD, the cover of which is decorated with a photo of me.

Photos taken in Harlem during private sessions to promote the album. 

Galeria Awers-Art - Rusell Hall
Russell Hall, fot. K.Idźkowska

Russell Hall

The session was a continuation of my long-term project entitled That’s NYC jazz, Babe ”. Ras is an incredibly talented jazz musician, double bass player, singer and composer. Entering the stage in one second, he fills the room to the brim with his charisma. He is recognized by his unique style, his outfit is an expression of his multi-colored personality and, in a way, a reflection of the influence that the eccentric idol Monk Thelenious had on him. Rassell treats jazz as an important message: "Jazz is a direct connection with God through improvised music." Wynton Marsalis commented on his talent by calling "A Jazz Star of The Future" when he was just 17 years old. I think he was absolutely right.

Galeria Awers-Art - Igmar Thomas Revive Big Band, fot. K.Idźkowska
Igmar Thomas' Revive Big Band, zdj. K.Idźkowska

Igman Thomas’ Revive Big Band

Photo session at the Bunker recording studio in New York with Igmar Thomas' Revive Big Band. - which includes a world-class staff of musicians. The photo features Igmar Thomas, bandleader, trumpeter, composer, currently touring as music director for Lauryn Hill and Nas, and Nicholas Payton, an American trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist, Grammy Award winner. Both musicians represent the world class of jazzmen, they perform on the biggest stages in NY.

composed of:

Raydar Ellis -MC/DJ

John Davis – Drums

Boom Bishop – Bass

James Francies- Piano

Mark Whitfield – Guitar

Philip Dizack- Trumpet

James Cage- Trumpet

Jumaane Smith – Lead Trumpet

Andrew Gould – Alto Sax

Myron Walden – Tenor Sax

Brent Birckhead- Alto Sax

Brian Landrus – Bari Sax

Matt McDonald – Trombone

Frank Lacy – Trombone

Jerrick Matthews – Trombone

James Rogers – Bass Bone

special guest: Nicholas Payton

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