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Art of NFT - is it still ART?

Sztuka NFT
Pawela L., "Are you bored with art?", 2003, akryl na płótnie

NFT Art is a widely discussed topic - it has been developing in the world for several years, now the phenomenon has also reached Poland - like everything new, it prompts a discussion about the legitimacy of its functioning, important questions are asked about the future of art, and even those that undermine the overall functioning of NFT Art as a trend focused solely on earnings. It is worth taking a closer look at the technology itself, as well as stopping and taking up the topic of the very concept of NFT as an element of Art - all questions are worth considering and trying to answer them.

The first point to consider is the famous question whether it is art or not already. As we all know well, in every topic, and especially in a topic as broadly understood as art, there are as many answers as there are questions. It is worth considering at this point where you can get the knowledge on this subject? If we are not interested in the opinion of an individual, it is worth moving towards institutions - galleries, museums - places whose primary goal is the promotion of art and education related to it. Below the text there are several links to interesting conversations and texts that are the work of recognized global institutions that currently using the opportunities offered by NFT art want to properly use it to seek answers to questions related to the future of contemporary art . Global galleries, museums and contemporary art personalities have no doubts when it comes to the use of blockchain technology in the development of this field - it is important, however, that the technology is properly used - this theory is confirmed by specialists, and Awers-Art in its activity as an auction house dealing in sales, but also in promoting artists, wants to focus on the possibilities that this technology offers not only in art, but also journalism, archiving, and ownership - it is difficult to underestimate the value of they flow from the NFT in terms of preserving cultural heritage and its indisputable record in the code.

Pawela L., "Problems", 2004, akryl na płótnie

Works of the NFT - Art Substitution and Abuse of Technology?

Awers-Art from all the applications that are available in the case of NFT focuses on promoting the work of artists, painters, photographers and providing NFT with the works they created on Auctions - however, it is worth discussing the subject of wide possibilities of using this technology in other fields. Here once again an important sentence must be made that it is not technology that is bad, but the person who uses it is responsible for the way it does it. Using NFT allows you to confirm the authenticity of data, and thus it can have a number of applications. Here are a few of them that are already operational:

- real assets - when we are dealing with the purchase of a specific item, it often has a certificate of authenticity - it also confirms that you are its owner. If you want to resell such an item without the appropriate certificate, you will encounter difficulties in confirming the ownership and the authenticity itself. The NFT is a great way to solve any of these problems - being linked to an item in a transparent manner leaves no room for doubt as to its origin. The NFT used to represent real assets is already a method that is applicable to many companies around the world, and work is underway to use NFT in real estate for land registry.

- logistics - blockchain technology, due to its immutability, can be widely used in logistics: products that are imported from different places around the world thanks to NFT used to create supply chains may have a transparent and reliable supply history. The system is currently at the stage of widespread testing including its application.

- NFT vs music - combining NFT with music gives artists the opportunity to get a fair share of royalties - some projects give creators the opportunity to use platforms for streaming and selling royalties - this method is already used by smaller companies working with independent artists, but will it be relevant? success? Everything depends on the willingness of larger music labels, which would have to express their willingness to collaborate with artists in such a way, but the use of technology in this area is also very applicable. In Poland, the first producer to release his album as NFT is Łukasz Polesza pseud. Wudec.

- patents - transparency of tokenization and the transparency of related transactions also in this field. NFT used as a tool to eliminate problems in the intellectual property sector. Platforms using this form of securing projects give the opportunity to purchase, license, research, and introduce patents to the market, but also as a register of current data, it gives the opportunity to read the full content of historical records.

- the world of fashion - in the case of fashion, we also deal with numerous brands, the use of NFT is a confirmation of the authenticity of a given product. A digital certificate may contain information about the origin, quality, and the manufacturer himself.

- health - in the context of storing scientific and medical data, NFT is also used in this category. There are already research companies that store medical data on NFT platforms.

Pawela L., "am I addicted?", 2004, akryl na płótnie

To sum up - currently NFT finds a wide range of applications in a variety of industries around the world - despite its popularity, in fact, research on the use of these possibilities will only gain momentum. It cannot be denied, however, that NFT is widely used as the basis for a new form of digital property - and thus has virtually unlimited possibilities. Like any technology - it is also used improperly, it is used for mass production, which is criticized by the public. However, it does not differ in this respect from any other technology that hurts without deliberation. It is worth focusing on the proper, positive application of this technology - Awers-Art is just trying to do this.

NFT Art in selected institutions:

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